Unique opportunity!
Breeding mare with an amazing pedigree tree! If you are considering breeding in your home country or in Iceland, we have a top mare for sale. Þrönns mother and father are both praised for their offsprings. She also has amazing gaits and a top line! In addition, she was born yellowish brown, so she can also give color.

Þrönn has blup 125 and is covered with Þór frá Torfunesi.
She is also:
– Daughter of a Landsmót winner
– Sister of two Landsmót winners
– Sister of Þóralfur frá Prestsbae

Price category A

Pedigree tree

M: IS1993258300
Þoka frá Hólum

F: IS1988165895
Gustur frá Hóli

FF: IS1973135980
Gáski frá Hofsstöðum

FM: IS1978257260
Abba frá Gili

MF: IS1988158430
Vafi frá Kýrholti

MM: IS1978258301
Þrá frá Hólum